Data Protection/ Fatigue App

Date 4/18/2022

Data controller:
Mika Nieminen
Ihaistentie 3
33400 Tampere / Finland

fatigue (dot)

This data protection notice is for data management in the Fatigue App and for managing its users’ personal data.

The data controller (App’s creator) does not collect any personal information about the users via the Fatigue App. The user should notice however that Apple might collect anonymous data in case of errors in Fatigue App.

The input data (information below) users give to our customer support is a legitimate interest that makes our customer support possible. The input data creates our customer register when contacting customer support (this website).

User’s personal data required when contacting customer support:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Time zone
  • Personal password required to use the this support site (Encrypted)

We do not give out customer information to third parties.